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Uplifting. That is what a meal should be. Good for the body and mind and nurturing to the spirit. At Whitsons, we understand this invisible, yet very real connection and how, to our customers, a meal can mean so much more than food on a plate.


Whitsons Culinary Group™ is different from other dining service companies because we offer a fresh approach to dining, focusing on personalized, innovative and wholesome menus and services.


Enhancing Life One Meal at a Time

Our mission is “enhancing life one meal at a time.” We accomplish our mission by focusing on several key values that are tightly woven into the fabric of our culture:


A deep commitment to family values and personalized service…SM

Strong family values and personalized service are at the heart of our organization, the inspiration behind Whitsons and the vision that lights our path. The Whitcomb family continues to lead us and inspire us to impart this commitment in every aspect of our service to our customers.


A passion for fresh and creative food that adds flavor to the world…SM

We are “foodies,” deeply passionate about flavoring the world with delicious food that brings joy to those we serve. We remain on the cutting edge, visionaries that deliver a fresh and innovative approach to dining.


Nourishing bodies and spirits with a wholesome meal and a warm smile…SM

Food is strong medicine, nourishing and healing to the body and mind. We are deeply connected to the needs of our customers and are committed to serving them with warmth and fellowship.


People…integrity…woven into the fabric of our culture…SM

We are authentic and trustworthy. Our people share the values of our founders and are empowered to carry out our mission of enhancing life with every meal we serve. This circle is completed by caring for each other, our Whitsons family, as well as those we serve.


Nurturing the world around us, conserving resources and supporting local communities…SM

We are all connected, to each other and to the world around us. We seek alignment with our environment, nurturing and supporting each community we serve and making a meaningful contribution to the universe.


Making a difference in the lives we touch…SM

Our lives are a collection of personal experiences, hopes and dreams, interwoven to form the fabric of our society. We strive to make a difference in each life we touch, whether a customer, a colleague, a family member or friend, and in doing so fulfill our mission!




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